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2/6/03 - East Texas

Rain and Cold Hampers Shuttle Search

Despite poor weather conditions slowing recovery efforts on Thursday, crews continue to search for debris here in East Texas.

Officials are hoping the weather isn't further altering the debris. On Toledo Bend, an underwater camera with a robotic arm was used to find what may be a large piece of the shuttle. Fishermen reported seeing a piece of debris the size of a car fall into the water.

Also today, the nose cone was finally removed near Hemphill, but not by helicopter as planned. Wednesday's weather was too poor to do that, so teams had to cut down several trees surrounding the nose cone in order to remove it.

"These are hypothermia conditions," says mark Webb, Hemphill Command Information Officer. "People and crews will be moving around and will stay warm, but we'll have to keep an eye on them throughout the day."

Also Thursday, an estimated 200 National Guard troops were expected to join the search for debris near Toledo Bend. So far, more than 12,000 individual pieces of debris have been found in 38 counties and two dozen Louisiana parishes.

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