East Texas schools check security measures

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Wednesday's stabbing at John Tyler high school is sending shock waves across East Texas. Other school districts today called the tragedy an eye opener.

For Longview ISD the stabbing at John Tyler high school hit too close to home.

"Anytime a situation like this happens, especially in East Texas with a neighboring school district; it breaks your heart to see another school district going through a situation like this," said Brian Bowman, Public Information Officer, for Longview ISD.

Both Longview ISD and Pine Tree ISD have full time school resource officers on their high school campuses.

"They're up there pretty much throughout the day, patrolling the area, and in the hallways," said Bowman.

"We do safety evaluations continuously. If something does come up we're ready to act and our main objective is to save lives," said Pine Tree ISD school resource officer, Chris Bethard, of the Longview Police Department.

Both school districts say because saving lives is a top priority, they encourage teachers not to break up fights. "I don't recommend someone stepping in and breaking up a fight when they're going to end up getting hurt, just as bad," said Officer Chris Bethard.

And there's always the worry that even with numerous safeguards, campuses can never be one hundred percent safe.

"You can have all the measures in place possible and think that you have a secure campus and something like this happens. It could happen to Longview ISD for all we know. It doesn't matter if you have metal detectors, or if you have school resource officers, you just try to do everything you think is necessary to protect the students," said Bowman.

Both districts met with faculty and staff today just to go over the security measures in place.

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