Glucose Meters…What are the differences?

There are a variety of glucose meters on the market...some are better than others for certain patients.  Here is some basic information on a few products that are available.


Free Style – takes very small blood sample, fast results, 250 test memory w/ date & time

One Touch Ultra- requires small amount of blood, easy to use, takes 5 seconds for reading

Accu-Chek Complete is real high tech. It stores up to 1000 results...and displays charts and graphs right on its screen. 

Prestige- Inexpensive, easy to use.  In the long run, diabetics usually pay more for strips than for their meters.

One Touch Profile can be programmed for 19 languages...a voice synthesizer can be added for patients with poor vision.


One Touch Basic- less expensive, easy to use, easy to handle with larger display.

The newer meters correlate better with lab tests... Glucometer Elite and GlucometerDex.

* There has been a discrepancy in the past because meters use whole blood...but labs test

PLASMA glucose. Whole blood glucose is about 12% lower than plasma glucose. The

newer meters compensate for this difference.

Some monitors work even at high altitudes...their testing method doesn't require oxygen.

There are many more models and brands on the market today.  If you have any questions about your glucose meter, please call (903) 526-5600 and speak with our specially trained staff.

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