9-year-old East Texas dog, with practically 9 lives

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Tater, a Boston terrier, suffers from mass tumor cells, and vets have tried everything to save him. But, Tater is now slated for a new treatment his owner hopes will be the miracle they need.

He has gone from having scar badges for his tumor removals to walks in the grass.

"When we had our debut, he had several cancer surgeries...and, now, I think we're up to 10," said Betty Hudson, tater's owner. "I didn't have much hope, but they said, 'No, we've helped them (cancer tumors) before,' and so it really looks good for him."

Despite Tater's multiple surgeries, Hudson feels optimistic that Texas A&M's cancer treatment will save her little Tater.

"We're going to have chemotherapy through an IV once a week for four weeks and then every other week we're going to have chemo for four more so he'll have eight treatments," said Hudson. "I just hope that they stop it so he can live a couple more years."

A couple of more years for this loveable duo that proves to be inseparable.

"There's nothing more important than this little puppy right now, my husband feels the same way about it," said Hudson. "God's got enough that he can take care of puppies and people, too, so I'm hoping for the best for my little sweetie."

Over the next couple of weeks Tater will start receiving his chemo treatments. His owners says she just wants other dog owners to be on look-out for mass cancer tumors on your dog, because early detection is key.

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