New recommendations regarding H1N1 vaccine

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Originally, age didn't matter when it came to the H1N1 vaccine. But, now there are different rules for youngsters and adults. Research shows that it is very important children under the age of 10 receive two doses of the vaccine. Healthy adults only need one.

Before the rush to get the H1N1 vaccine begins, doctors say it is important everyone knows what to expect come October.

"The recommendations on the vaccine are not a surprise because that is how we do the seasonal flu vaccine right now," said Stephanie Taylor, with the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

And, just like the seasonal flu, the national institutes of health announced that adults may only need one dose of the H1N1 shot - originally it was two.

"The reason is because adults have already been exposed to different flu viruses through their lifetimes and have had more vaccines before," said Dr. Ken Haygood, a family doctor.

But, these recommendations aren't for everyone, especially young children. Clinical trials show kids under age 10 still need two doses of the vaccine.

"This gives your child's immune system a chance to start responding to it," said Haygood. "The second shot is like a booster that brings you on to full immunity."

Health officials say it's important to get the seasonal flu shot along with the H1N1 vaccine. For young kids, the grand total is four shots.

"You can get seasonal flu in one arm and H1N1 in the other," said Taylor.

"So, it seems like a lot, but you know kids roll with the punches," said Haygood.

The recommendations haven't been set in stone by the CDC, but doctors are already booking up.

"We have appointments now on the books for people waiting to get the H1N1 vaccines for themselves and their kids," said Haygood.

...signifying the importance of looking ahead. Health officials recommend that children wait 21 to 28 days between the first and second vaccine.

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