Major forgery ring busted say police

Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

Released by Jay Burch, Chief of Police for the Mount Pleasant PD:

On September 20, 2009 about 7:45 p.m., MPPD officers were dispatched to a business at 1501 N. Jefferson in reference to a possible forgery in progress. The suspect was still on location when officers arrived and he had allegedly tried to cash a check at the business. The business owner advised the officers he possibly recognized the suspect vehicle and the subject trying to cash the check as the same person who had cashed a forged check at a different store in town recently.

MPPD Sgt. Ray Barrett was the investigating officer on scene. After questioning the male subject, Matthew Lynn Stockton, 32, and detaining him, Sgt. Barrett went to the suspect's vehicle where it was parked at another business nearby. Three other subjects were in the vehicle, all saying they were from Oklahoma City (OKC). An adult female in the vehicle, Samantha Recksiek, 21, was checked on the computer and found to have a forgery warrant out of North Carolina. A further check of the vehicle by MPPD Officer Alicia Henderson revealed substantial evidence allegedly related to other possible forgeries.

CID Sgt. Sharyn Cary, lead investigator, and Detective Scott Wildey were called to the scene to further the investigation of the subjects arrested and detained. More evidence was recovered and detectives suspected the subjects involved have committed previous forgeries around the city and region. Once it was determined the subjects involved are based out of Oklahoma City, detectives started making contacts with that agency and the Secret Service as well since they work major forgeries and counterfeiting.

It was decided MPPD detectives needed to go to the suspect's Oklahoma City residence because it was believed major evidence might be located there tying them in to several offenses in Mount Pleasant. The Department of Public Safety provided an aircraft and MPPD detectives flew to OKC on Monday. OKCPD and the Secret Service secured a search warrant for the subject's residence and upon entry to the residence, a large amount of evidence was discovered allegedly tying the subjects not only to several Mount Pleasant offenses but also to several offenses in the Oklahoma City area. Investigators are also checking cities and towns in the region between OKC and Mount Pleasant. It is believed since one of them is wanted out of North Carolina for forgery that this forgery ring may involve dozens of offenses and over several states.

As a result of the Mount Pleasant investigation, Stockton was arrested and charged with at least two counts of forgery, a State Jail Felony. Stockton also faces multiple state and federal charges yet to be filed. Recksiek was arrested and is currently being held on the North Carolina warrant but faces multiple state and federal charges as well. Both subjects remain in the Titus County Jail at press release time.

The other two subjects in the vehicle, an adult male and an adult female, have not been charged as yet but also face multiple state and federal charges. The search warrant in OKC and subsequent investigation there revealed more subjects that may be ultimately charged.

The investigation continues and is involving municipal, state and federal agencies in Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina so far. Other states may get involved once it is determined how far reaching this alleged forgery ring has gone to do their crimes. As the investigation grows, it is getting much more complex for investigators and will take time to put all the cases eventually to be filed together.

"The success of this investigation started with an alert business owner in town, followed by patrol officers that conducted an excellent preliminary investigation at the crime scene. MPPD detectives then followed-up on the patrol officer's great work by uncovering this alleged forgery ring. It has been an outstanding effort from all MPPD personnel involved and is indicative of the lengths these men and women will go to in solving crime in Mount Pleasant. I'm extremely proud of these men and women and I hope the citizens of Mount Pleasant feel the same.

We also offer our thanks to the U. S. Secret Service, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Oklahoma City Police Department for their valuable assistance in the course of this investigation."