Case of H1N1 confirmed says Lindale ISD superintendent

Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

Released by Maya Bethany with Lindale ISD:

The following is a letter to LISD parents from Superintendent Stan Surratt regarding H1N1:

Last spring our state and nation were in great alarm concerning the H1N1 Flu (swine flu). H1N1 Flu is a new strain of flu virus that has symptoms similar to the regular seasonal flu. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has given guidelines to school districts and state agencies when dealing with illness such as H1N1.

The Lindale ISD has now had its first confirmed case of H1N1. The district has received written confirmation regarding the one confirmed case. The district will follow recommendations from the CDC concerning this flu. The recommendation is for schools and state agencies to follow normal procedures and practices concerning flu sickness.

The CDC no longer recommends school closure with confirmed cases. Lindale ISD has had a large number of students out of school with flu like symptoms. The amount of absences is much higher than normal for this time of year. The district is taking extra precautions in cleaning to help prevent the spread of the flu. Teachers are emphasized to use proper hygiene practices with students. Each bus is being sanitized daily.

I caution parents to remain calm in this situation. Every year schools deal with viruses such as the flu. This year it has come early. Please remind your child of good practices that help to avoid viruses.

For more information concerning the H1N1 please refer to the district website, Thank you for your cooperation concerning this matter.

Stan Surratt
Lindale ISD