Age is only a number...

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - When the mind is willing, the body is not always able.

"I have torn ACL's, I have torn Achilles tendons, other people have shoulder problems," said Sandy Brieden.

"Rolling out of bed, it hurts the back, the legs, it hurts all over," said Owen Stewart.

"It hurts even to sit down this morning, that is how much change there is," joked Paul Soliz.

No strangers to pain, the elder generation refused to rest and took to the courts, with rackets in hand, and plenty of asprin on the side.

"We get bandaged up, we take our ibprofin in droves, and we get back out on the court," said Brieden.

"After a big match, literally it is from head to toe, but it isn't anything that ibprofen can't handle," said John Kelley.

The USTA Sectional this week featured players from all over, the only requirement, if you aren't 50, you aren't eligible.

And even though they may have lost a step with age, they will tell you, age is only a number, so get up and get out.

"You are not going to find any youngsters out here," said Brieden, "but all of us here are really trying to work hard to keep active because we know that is the way to a longer life and a better quality."

"The joy of competing, you have to have that competitive spirit," said Stewart, "just to want to get up and do it everyday."

"I am very fortunate that I am able to do the same things that I was able to do that I was in high school," said Soliz, "I play tennis, and when we win, we get together and say how great we were, and when we lose, we get together and blame it on each other."

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