Tyler bank robbery suspect caught in Big Sandy

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Michael Hetrick

BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - A suspected bank robber is in jail after disappearing for two days, and being spotted in Upshur county. Investigators say 51 year old Lee Ross Potter was at a Big Sandy liquor store yesterday afternoon when he was recognized by an off duty police officer.    Dash-cam video from Big Sandy police shows a somewhat unsteady Potter, apparently throwing a drink away as he's giving up to authorities. His capture was made possible by an observant off duty sheriffs deputy.

"The off duty deputy was in contact by telephone with his dispatch back in Tyler advised that a suspect wanted in a recent robbery in smith county had been spotted" says Big Sandy police officer Wes Walters.

Potter allegedly robbed the Southside bank at a Tyler Brookshires grocery Wednesday. Saturday he was spotted at a liquor store near highway 155 in Big Sandy. Walters tracked down his vehicle. Walters stopped Potters car not knowing what to expect, but a man who was bold enough to rob a bank and be seen at a liquor store could be capable of anything.

"There's always concern when you deal with suspects in felony cases but all precautions were used" Walters says.

Wobbly on his feet and appearing to know that there was no escape, potter tamely submitted.

"Was able to take the suspect in custody without further incident, I really can't speak as to the suspects thoughts or what he was thinking or doing during that time frame" says Walters.

A judicial records search shows Potter has numerous prior convictions in Smith county, and is currently being held on a 750-thousand dollar bond. A passenger in the vehicle with Potter is not facing charges.

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