Help is on the way for East Texas foster kids

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Foster Parent Association asked East Texans to 'Walk a Mile in their Shoes. . .' raising awareness on the plight of foster children.

Foster families hit the pavement this morning - not just for exercise, but for the children without a voice.

"It was real tough," said 11-year old Jordan Medford, who remembers, when as a young toddler, hearing her mother and father fighting.

"They were beating each other up and they would scare me and stuff," said Jordan.

That went on for years, until things got so bad that she was taken away and placed in the foster care system.

"It's real tough because you move from foster home to foster home," said Jordan. "Then, you have different moms and dads. So, it's like real hard."

A story which many of the foster families in attendance today can sympathize with.

"Children in foster care are often thought to be children that misbehaved, children that are in the juvenille system," said Roy Block, Executive Director of the Texas Foster Family Association. "But, they're not - these children are victims."

Victim's with no control of their situation. That's why parent's like Sharon Medford get involved in foster care. She brought Jordan Medford and her younger sister Morgan into her home more than seven years ago, and has since adopted both of them.

"Children are my heart," said Sharon Medford. "I desire that every child prosper, and can have the good life."

"I knew that they loved me," said Jordan. "And, they went to court like a lot, and they sacrificed for me and Morgan."

And, when asked if she could give any advice to any abused or neglected young children out there looking for a home, Jordan says "you can just tell them just pray."

And, hope like Jordan, that their prayer is answered.

We're told Jordan has an older brother currently serving in the U.S. Military. She's never met him but, that's going to change shortly. Her foster parents have made arrangements for them to get together for the first time this Christmas.

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