Steak fajita hoagie

Hoagie roll

Fajita skirt steak (see recipe on line)

Sliced red, yellow, and green bell pepper

Pico de Gallo (see recipe on line)

Shredded lettuce

Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese

Sour cream

Guacamole (see below)

Take your marinated skirt steak and grill to the temperature you like.  While this is grilling, sauté the peppers and onions in butter with a little cumin and garlic salt on medium high heat for about 8 minutes.  Slice the skirt steak once done against the grain.  Mix the sliced steak with the pepper and onions and set aside.

Take your hoagie roll and spread one side with sour cream and the other with guacamole (see below).  Place shredded lettuce on the bottom bun, then your steak and onion mixture, followed by Pico de Gallo and topped with slice pepper jack cheese.  Place you hoagie in a pre heated 350 degree oven for about 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted.  Serve with a side of salsa for dipping and enjoy!


Take two avocados, cut in half, remove the large seed, and scoop out the inside and place in a small mixing bowl.  Add two table spoons of Pico de Gallo, two tea spoons of garlic salt, a 1/2 cup of Salsa (try Prairie Creek Salsa from Sweet Gourmet), and the juice of one fresh squeezed lime.  Mix until smooth.