Uniting man and man's best friend for those in need

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They are uniting man and man's best friend, all to help East Texans in need. The Therapet Foundation has joined forces with Goodwill Industries' Opportunities in Tyler to make Healer Snacks (all natural doggy, kitty, and horse treats). The partnership provides needed work for OIT employees who live with physical and mental disabilities. But, the pluses don't end there.

"[It] helps the Therapet people raise money, and the dogs, of course, as you've seen really make everybody's life happier," said David Walton, with Goodwill Industries of East Texas.

"During these hard economic times, we're not out there just asking for donations, we're trying to work together to get through this so we can continue to provide services," said Shari Curran, with Therapet Foundation.

You can look for Healer Snacks in vet offices and Brookshire's stores throughout East Texas in the coming weeks.

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