Consignment sale helps East Texans save money

By Sara Story - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Many East Texas families are doing what they can to save every penny, which is why bargain hunters hit the semi-annual Children's Clothing Consignment Sale.

With four kids, Gladewater resident Tarry Cerliano's hands are full.

"I took a day off work to come over here and help her watch the kids," said Cerliano.

But, he says his kids aren't the only thing keeping him busy.

"The economy is crazy!" said Cerliano. "Everything has sky rocketed. Pinching every penny that you can is real important right now."

And, thanks to the Children's Clothing Consignment Sale, Cerliano's family can save. Tess Murphy started this sale with her friend seven years ago.

"It has started with 100 families and it has grown tremendously," said Murphy. "We are now looking at 900 families."

She says the sale has grown more this year than ever before, and the 250 racks full of clothes prove it. With children's clothing, home decor and loads of toys, there is something for everyone.

"I found this, this big giant horse!" said Shian Glass.

And, the price is right. After a little bit of digging, you can find a pair of quality shoes for less than $5.

"What I've already got, this would have been close to $200, and it is probably only $50," said Ruth Glass.

And, although customers like Cerliano are thankful for this event, Murphy says it's the whole community that benefits.

"Out of 900 families, we may have 200 that come back and pick up their items afterwards," said Murphy. "The rest gets donated to Salvation Army and Living Alternatives."

The sale continues through Saturday. Doors at the Harvey Convention Center in Tyler open at 9am Friday and close at 6pm. On Saturday, shopping stops at 4pm. And, if you have a sportsman in your family, hunting and camping gear will be sold on Saturday only.

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