Revo Styler Brush: "Does It Work?"

Ladies, say goodbye to those long mornings in front of the mirror, trying to get your hair to cooperate. With the Revo Styler Brush, even the curliest hair can be straight, smooth and shiny in minutes. Or so the advertisements say. You've seen it on TV and tonight, we're about to put the Revo Styler to the "Does It Work?" test.

The amazing rotating brush with its combination of nylon and boar bristles transforms your look in minutes. Kelli Hoffman, stylist at "Tangles" in Tyler will help us try to achieve a transformation on Morgan. First, some Revo basics. You get the styler handle, kind of like a cordless screw driver... and 2 brushes-- one with long bristles another with short bristles. There ar two speeds on the Revo..slow, fast and it also spins in forward and reverse.

Morgan usually uses a flat iron when she sets out daily to straighten her golden locks. It takes her about 30 minutes. She's eager to see how the Revo will do.

The hair needs to be damp and you'll use a blow dryer to generate heat. We hit a snag, right from the start. Morgan's hair got caught up in the post that connects to the removable brush. Later the brush fell off the motorized handle. Eventually, we figured out it was our fault. We had not pushed the brush on all the way. Once it's on good... no room to tangle, and it fits snuggly with no chance of the brush popping off.

"You want to section the hair off because it would be a mess if you didn't," says Kelli.

Much better now. Wonder how it works without the professional hairdresser and second set of hands? "I can't do it." " I can't do it," says Morgan.

We changed brushes, to the smaller one and... "It is easier, but still kind of annoying," says Morgan.

Kelli, our hairdresser, had to finish up. But when we were done Morgan's hair looked great.

"Well, it works. It smoothed the hair. It straightened the hair. Her hair's very shiny. It's hard to use, but I think with practice, you could get really good at it," says Kelli.

And Morgan? "Well, it is really shiny and I think it did really good."

But would she spend her money on it? "I don't think so. Maybe if I didn't have a flat iron," says Morgan.

It works... It's not easy to use... It does a good job... A flat iron's better...

What do you say about this thing? We give the Revo Styler a "maybe".