More than 68 eight-liner machines found in gambling bust

Released by Lt. Craig Sweeney with the Henderson PD:

HENDERSON, TX - At approximately 10:40 a.m. (on 09-16-09) officers from the Henderson Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety Intelligence Service, Longview Police Department Cyber-Crimes, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Task Force, Port Arthur Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Tyler Office) and the Rusk County District Attorney's Office served two search warrants in the 1200 Blk of Lone Star St in Henderson.

The warrants were for two separate businesses involved in electronic gaming. The businesses involved are the Henderson Game Room and Henderson Sweepstakes. Various items of evidence were seized at each location and a total of three arrests were made for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

The two businesses that were targeted in this investigation may or may not be related to each other (in ownership) and may or may not be related (in ownership) to any other businesses in any part of the State of Texas where search warrants were obtained for this type of offense.

This investigation began approximately six months ago and during that time undercover cover officers went into theses businesses posing as customers. This work and the gathering of other information started the process, this past week, of obtaining the search warrants (through the Rusk County D.A.'s Office) and for the arrests of certain individuals. Two of the people arrested today were on view arrests from the Henderson Game Room and were not specifically named in any affidavits. However, the third person arrested came from the Henderson Sweepstakes business and was mentioned on court affidavits. All three persons were taken to the Rusk County Jail and processed on the above listed charge. No one, at this time, has been arraigned in relation to these arrests.