Images baffle East Texans

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
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CASS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Within days of each other, two game cameras from separate hunters captured strange images, images that have no apparent explanation.

Hunter Doyle Brogan was checking pictures from his Cass County hunting lease when he saw something he can't explain.

"Well, really, to start with, I had no idea," said Brogan. "I thought it was some meteor falling out of the sky."

The shot shows two bright objects moving through the frame, but what are they?

The game cameras that captured the photos are movement activated. If it had been only one image Brogan might not have paid attention to it, but hours later, there was a second picture.

Almost the same image, a curious corkscrew shape, was taken from another hunter's game camera. We went to photographer Marc Bailey to see if he had an explanation.

"There's something unusual," said Bailey. "Some of it had hard edges where something looked like it was falling almost the same characteristic of a flame."

and, the glowing light didn't add up.

"The light that is showing it is not showing behind it," said Bailey. "There was two separate photographs taken at two separate time so it was tripped twice."

Bailey also says the object is spiraling up, not down.

"I would say it was moving," said Bailey. "It was not a leaf. There's no way. It was not a leaf. It would be blown out and out of focus."

one possible explanation...Rods! A phenomenon sometimes captured on film and digital images. Researchers believe they could be insects we haven't discovered yet. Brogan thinks it could be waste. Yes, waste dropped from the space shuttle.

"They had dumped 150 pounds of waste in the air," said Brogan.

Or, is it something that defies explanation?

Now that you've seen them, we want to know what you think. Give us your theories in the comments section of the page.

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