Students walk home in floodwaters, parents demand answers

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

WINNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - Parents are now demanding answers to why their kids were allowed to walk home in rising flood waters.

Monday afternoon, torrential rains flooded country roads. Rising waters claimed the life of 45-year-old Mary Frame, who was swept away, and, just miles down the road, a Winnsboro bus driver dropped about nine kids off, leaving them to fend for themselves miles from home.

"[She was] crying," said Alice Hooper. "Everything upsets her. It was very scary for her, plain and simple."

Hooper's eight-year-old granddaughter, Tierra, was one of those kids.

"Within the hour and a half that I didn't know where she was there's no telling what kind of weirdo could have took my daughter - what kind of person could have ran her over on this road with the weather the way it was," said Hooper. "To me, that woman died in that water. He (the bus driver) more or less attempted murder on my grandchild. He wouldn't drive through it but he wanted her to walk through it."

"The water's rushing across the road and it's four miles from the house," said Maggie West, a concerned parent. "My son tells me they were given an option. He said, 'I'm going back to the bus barn. If you want to walk, get out here.'"

Winnsboro's superintendent, Dr. Mark Bosold, says that bus driver obviously broke policy and has since been fired, but he declined to go on camera and parents say they're still uneasy.

"We're angry," said West. "We want something done but what we don't know."

Hooper says her granddaughter and another little girl walked two angel passed by. A DPS trooper picked them up and drove them home.

"I'd like to personally thank him 'cause the way I look at it, they saved her life," said Hooper.

Winnsboro ISD has still not released the driver's name, and Wednesday, the superintendent refused to talk to us on camera about the incident.

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