Senior East Texans battle for the win

By Sara Story - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was the biggest day of the year for many East Texas seniors who participated in the annual Senior Olympics at the oil palace in Tyler.

At age 109, Berenice Bach holds this trophy with pride.

"I won this trophy this morning because I am the oldest person here, and that is quite an endeavor," said Bach.

She may have been the oldest, but she fit right in with the crowd at the 29th Annual Senior Games Day.

"Each year, it's overwhelming to see the response of the community," said Jackie Beauchamp, with East Texas Activity Professionals.

75 nursing and assisted living homes residents competed in games like a dominoes tournament and foot and wheelchair races. Participants were all smiles after winning a medal. One of the biggest awards given is the Spirit Stick, and the Wood Memorial Honey Bees have won it for seven years!

But, organizers say there is a bigger prize.

"It's great for these residents of all the facilities to be able to get out...and enjoy each other's company and realize they aren't the only ones with aches and pains and there is more to life than that," said Karen Doyle.

"It makes me feel very humble and at the same time, happy that I have been able to live this many years and be useful," said Bach.

In the end, everyone was left a winner.

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