Murder victim's family seeking answers

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Friends and family of 33-year-old Shannon Golston still cannot believe he's no longer here.

Golston was sitting outside at the Southern Village Apartments on W. 70th Street Monday night when police say he was shot multiple times.

"He was just sitting outside drinking," said his sister, who asked to remain anonymous.

Golston's sister was right inside the apartment. She says it was just after 9 pm when she heard the gunshots, and moments before police say a suspect approached Golston outside.

"During some type of altercation, the suspect fired shots, and multiple shots were fired at the victim," said Shreveport Police Spokesman Bill Goodin.

" I just screamed because I didn't know what it was or what I could do. We didn't have any idea until he came inside and fell on the floor," his sister said.

She said she remembered calling 911, then running out the back door.

With five children in tow, she stood by as police told her Golston was dead.

Golston's sister said she didn't know anyone that would want to hurt him.

Neighbors at the Southern Village Apartment say nothing like this has happened here before.

The investigation continues into Golston's death.

The shooting of Shannon Golston's marks the 27th murder case in Shreveport. Across the Red River, Bossier City has seen five homicides this year, but says two of those were considered to be in self-defense.

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