H1N1 information constantly evolving

By Sara Story - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The FDA has announced that it has approved an H1N1 vaccine, and will begin a massive campaign to get people treated. This announcement follows a number of recent H1N1 developments.

5-year-old Max Gomez from Tennessee, died earlier this month after catching the H1N1 virus.

"A complicated medical history, especially in children, plays a large role," said Dr. Hargrove.

But the child's parents say he had no underlying medical conditions. The case points out the fact that there are still mysteries surrounding the new virus.

"Information is changing all the time," said Dr. McGaha. "It is a new virus. It is affecting different populations. We are hearing new information from media sources."

Dr. McGaha with the Texas Health Department says new information comes out weekly.

"CDC and the state health department look at all those studies that have been done for H1N1 and compile them all together and analyze them and see which have the most scientific validity," said Dr. McGaha.

Case and point: A study released last week says people only need one dose of the vaccine now instead of two.

"We will have to wait and see how it plays out," said Dr. McGaha.

And, more new research released Monday says people infected with H1N1 may be contagious longer than previously thought. But, like many new studies, the CCD has not confirmed this one yet.

"Still, our guideline states 24 hours fever free - not on Tylenol," said Dr. McGaha.

So, as new information comes out, doctors say when in doubt, check with your physician.

"Well, I think that parents shouldn't be panicked," said Dr. Hargrove. "I say they should be vigilant."

In a time of unknown, being aware is key. The seasonal flu shot is already available. Doctors encourage people to get that, along with the H1N1 vaccine, which is expected to come out in mid-October.

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