Bacteria in shower head poses threat to some

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Showers are supposed to wash away the dirt and bacteria. But, recent studies show if you're not careful, tiny microbes can be meet you in the shower.

"The way that a shower mechanically works it's spraying the water like the aerosol and it could actually bring organisms into your respiratory system," said Doris Weatherford, Director of Education and Infection Control.

Researchers say those with normal immune systems have little fear but if you are sick, it could create a serious problem.

"Sometimes it's the older people that have a chronic illness that have the problem," said Weatherford.

Studies show that the bacteria tends to build up in the showerhead.

"Mycobacterium Avium that's found normally in people's sputum," Weatherford explains, "People can come in contact with that from their showerhead."

The best way to cut down your risk is to use all metal showerheads and clean your showerhead regularly with diluted bleach.

"If you dilute it with a large about of water it can kill spores and lots viruses and things like that."

Another way reduce your risk, is change your showerhead filters as often as possible and take more baths than showers.

Researchers say showers are not dangerous, but they say like anything else there are risks.

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