Bees invade elderly woman's home

By Keitha Nelson - bio | email

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - An elderly woman in Brusly said what started out as a small annoyance has turned into a dangerous situation, as a colony of bees has invaded her home. The 75-year-old tried to get the problem fixed, but she learned it's a costly dilemma.

Henrietta Woods, better known as Precious, has lived in Brusly since 1956. She said most days of her days are spent outside on a rocking chair, where she sews and sings the day away. Just around the corner, on the side of her home, live some busy bees. They roam up and down her walls, sometimes bursting out on both sides.

"It's miserable," she said. "Sometimes, I get in the bed and I have to jump out of the bed. Bees are under the cover." With cracks in her windows and taped up outlets, Precious said her situation seems impossible. She once tried to sweep them out of the walls, but that turned out to be a bad move. "They went all up my pant leg," she said. "I'm running through the house like a wild deer."

For Precious, dealing with the bees often feels like an uphill battle. In just one day, she swept up enough dead bees in one room to nearly fill up a small garbage bin. "Grandchildren scared to come and my son is allergic to bees, so they stay away. It's kind of lonesome. Just don't know what to do."

Precious said exterminators gave her estimates on what it would cost to get rid of the bees, but she said she just does not see how it will be possible to tear into the wall and get the bees out because she lives on a fixed income.

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