East Texas Helicopters Private Tours & Charters

Lake Tyler/Downtown Tour

-30 Minutes - $285

price includes up to 3 guests

On this tour you will fly the full length of Broadway into downtown where you will get an amazing view over the city before heading out to see all of lake Tyler from a birds eye view.

Downtown Longview/Lake Cherokee/Kilgore - 45 Minutes - $430

price includes up to 3 guests

This tour will include all of downtown Longview and local areas of your choice, and offers breathtaking views of Lake Cherokee.

TXU Coal Mines/Downtown Longview/Kilgore

60 Minutes - $550

price includes up to 3 guests


The tour takes you through downtown Kilgore, over Lake Cherokee, and then to the coal pits of the TXU coal mines. Here you will see their entire mining operation including their power plant were all the coal is taken for the production of energy.

Custom Tours

Custom tours can be designed to your own route for any special events you may have. Helicopter tours are great ideas for many things such as

anniversaries, proposal ideas, birthday gifts, or even an adventurous date

. Tour flights may depart from several different locations. Prices will depend on the length of the tour. Please see terms and restrictions below before scheduling a tour.

Private Charters

If you are needing to travel to a remote location without a nearby airport in a short amount of time, or if you're looking to do something extravagant with your significant other, we can help. Traveling by helicopter can cut your travel time in half. Private Charters can accommodate up to 3 passengers with luggage. We travel as the crow flies at 125 mph. Charters are available from the Tyler/Longview area direct to the downtown Dallas heliport. From there, transportation can be arranged into downtown very easily---without the hassle of the airport. Shreveport/Bossier City charters from the Tyler/Longview area are also available. See below for Terms, Restrictions, and Pricing.

Locate your home or property from the air

If you have ever been curious to know what is located behind your property, this is the flight for you. Feel free to bring cameras to take pictures of everything you discover. Locate and survey from the air nearly any location you desire. Flights can include up to three passengers. Most flights can be done in less than one hour due to a high cruise speed of 125 mph.

Private events at your location

If you are hosting a private party and want a helicopter to fly out to your ranch or open recreational area for tours we can help.  All landing areas for private events must be pre-approved by a pilot. Please call to discuss any details.  The helicopter will be billed at $550 per hour and there is a one hour minimum for rides at your location.

Terms - Restrictions - Pricing

Helicopter tours may include up to 3 guests, no more than 275 lbs. per seat and 620 lbs. may not be exceeded with all 3 guests. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and no children under the age of 4 will be permitted.

All private tours are made by appointment only and done seven days a week when schedule permits. All scheduled tours may be canceled at any time due to inclement weather, but will be rescheduled when weather permits. For more information on tours visit the


Helicopter flights will be billed out at $550/hour with a $285 minimum. Flights after 5pm on Saturdays and on Holiday weekends are subject to different pricing.

Private Helicopter Charters from the Tyler/Longview area to Dallas or Shreveport at the rate of $550/hour normally range $1100 for a round trip. This price includes up to three passengers and luggage.

All deposits made for flights occurring after 5 pm on Saturdays must be cancelled completely on the Friday before in order to receive full refund. If flight is cancelled on day of event for any reason by client or by weather then only 50% will be returned. This is due to the fact that a pilot still has to be on staff in order to take flight if weather permits.

Please call for details or appointment.

Phone: 903.570.2840

Email: easttexashelicopters@gmail.com

East Texas Helicopters is in compliance with the letter of authorization issued under 91.147 and is authorized to conduct commercial air tours operations under Title 14 code of the Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 91.147. East Texas Helicopters does comply with the requirements of 14CFR Part 121 Appendices I and J and 49CFR Part 40 for its anti-drug testing and alcohol misuse prevention program.