Rains flood Gilmer

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - Gilmer, which is in Upshur County about 26 miles northwest of Longview, has been pounded with rain.

It was a mini Niagara Falls, Upshur style.

"This is crazy!" said Tim Buettner, a Gilmer resident. "We've been here five years I've never seen it that deep."

Brooks Creek flooded Buffalo Street so bad, people had to take an alternate route to get home.

"I think it's pretty deep," said Buettner. "I was going to try and get across there, but I don't think I'm going to now."

The water pressure was so powerful, it flowed from the street over into the Putman's backyard, a street over on Hollybrook.

"After I got dressed, I came out, and by that time our wood fence around the back yard had broke and the creek started coming into the back yard and just flooding everything," said Tony Putman, a Gilmer resident.

Flood waters covered all two acres of his backyard, including their "luxury" turned muddy swimming pool.

"[There's a] 30,000 gallon swimming pool in the ground there...somewhere," laughed Putman. "And, with water falls and everything."

From the swimming pool to the overflowing waiting pool, heavy rain fall reeked havoc on Gilmer. Downtown businesses like, Myschel's Family Hair Care Salon were hit hard, too.

"It totally washed over the road," said Myschel Lemons. "Water was gushing in my parking lot. I have huge ruts in my parking lot."

But, even with all the flooding, the people of Gilmer still have a sense of humor.

"I called my neighbor and told him to catch a lot of my stuff as it comes down," Putman laughed.

Upshur County emergency personnel say eight inches of rain fell in just eight hours.

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