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A Better East Texas: 9/11 Anniversary

The 8th Anniversary of September 11th hit last week and groups across the nation held various commemorative events and ceremonies.  We at KLTV sponsored a blood drive.  The events that are held each year are there to ensure we remember the attacks on our country in 2001.  But how much do we really want to remember?  These events continue to shape our country and the War on Terror, they impact the way we travel - what we can pack, what we can carry on airplanes, what we can talk about.  Our children have different recollections of September 11th 2001, and no one alive will truly know what future generations will remember or be taught.  Will the day be like the attack on Pearl Harbor, rallying the nation, plunging us into war or will it become mired in political feuding and agenda driven perspectives?  I think a part of me would love to forget that day eight years ago but I can't and we shouldn't.  I truly hope and pray that there will come a time when the threats we live under will lessen, that the good of humankind will prevail over misguided, selfish desires.  So remember 9-11 does bring back a great deal of emotion and it also reveals that there is hope.  Hope that when tested, we can come together as a nation - as a family - and we can rise above tragedy.  That's what I want to remember, and that will make for a Better East Texsas.

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