Rusk County trusty escapes jail

Posted by Kelly Hefelfinger - email
By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email

RUSK COUNTY (KLTV) -Rusk county authorities are on the hunt for an escaped jail trusty.

40 year old James Craig McGee escaped from the Rusk county jail around five this morning.

McGee, you may remember, was arrested in connection with several smash and grab burglaries in Henderson.

Police say survillance video shows James McGhee smashing through the glass of Brookshire Brothers store, in Henderson, back in April. But it turns out McGhee isn't just a pro getting inside places.

"Three trustys were removing trash from inside the kitchen area out to the sally port on the east side of the building," said Rusk County Sheriff, Danny Pirtle.

Authorities say McGhee and the other trustys took trash out to a dumpster.

"They were supervised by a detention officer and it was dark outside and she was unable to keep an eye out on all three of them," said Sheriff Pirtle.

Authorities say McGhee is believed to have an accomplice.

"We do suspect McGhee having some help latter on in the morning of leaving the area. He's got relatives all over East Texas and he's likely to pop up anywhere," said Sheriff Pirtle.

And McGee "popping up" anywhere is what worries "New Beginnings Baptist Church," just across the street from the jail.

"I think it's kind of frightening because you know we come here early on Sunday mornings for worship. One of the sisters could have came to church by themselves, and maybe could have been overtaken," said New Beginnings Baptist Church, Pastor Curtis Durham Sr.

During McGhee's arraignment in May 2009, he told our cameras he had a drug problem.

"That's the motivating factor behind all my crimes. I mean, it didn't justify what I did, but that's what I was doing it for, to supply my cocaine and alcohol habit," said McGhee.

As for authorities, their motivation is to catch McGhee, and keep him locked up.

"If we've got some mistakes made; they'll be held accountable for it. We don't want this to happen again," said Sheriff Pirtle.

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