East Texans Find More Debris, More Tragedy

Everywhere you turned signs of the tragedy. Wreckage, memorials and the media. Hundreds came to see what was left of Columbia. Masses left a piece of their hearts by the remains.

"Several people lost their heart and it just turns my up," says Mamie Abercrombie. "They're in heaven but it hurts my heart."

Guardsmen kept a tireless watch over the debris.

"I got about four hours of sleep and I have been put here since four in the morning," said Specialist Wade Maxie from the National Guard.

Volunteers, and military searched endlessly.

"Right now, were just trying to locate all the pieces and plot them with the global positioning system so we can hopefully explain what happened," said Private Second Class Travis Adams.

Other volunteers and the Alert Academy scoured the piney woods. A tiresome job, but these men could never think of doing anything else.

"We're just happy to be helping anyway we can considering the tragedy it is the least we can do," said Jonathan Radford from he Alert Academy.

They came from as far as Big Sandy and Tyler to help.

Lt. Colonel John de Noylles from the civil air patrol couldn't stay away.

"I had been watching the news and was on stand by. I heard they needed ground search and we're experienced, so we came down this morning and I will stay as many days as they can use me," said de Noylles.

At a church in Douglass, debris is scattered all over. The door from the shuttle fell right in the pastor's backyard. They say it's renewed their faith.

"No matter what horrors come in this world, we can be steadfast in the midsts of the storm because He's the anchor. And this piece of metal has increased my faith," explained Betty McGuire.

With every piece of debris there was a story.

"A piece of metal about fell right in front of me and that's when I found that bigger debris, said Bonnie Kerr.

Each piece of wreckage became a place for people to say goodbye. Betty McGuire wrote this poem about it.

"I wish I could build a memorial here in my country backyard. Their memory forever to hold, here in my beautiful country back yard, though their story can never be told. I would keep it all hallowed and honored and neat. A spot of perpetual rest. Where this piece of debris from outer space fell as honor to our World's very best!"

Michelle Mortensen Reporting