Doctors weigh in on president's speech

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Dr. Karl Krohn didn't agree with President Barack Obama's health care plan before he addressed Congress Wednesday night, and less than 24 hours later...

"President Obama's speech last night was, to me, very disappointing, but completely and totally expected," Krohn said.

"The biggest thing that I have a problem with [in] the current plan is the fact that it creates at least 51 new federal bureaucracies to oversee the health care industry that is already being strangled by government regulation," said Krohn.

Krohn said the problem is not necessarily the system itself.

"The health care delivery system in this country is the best in the world," Krohn said. "What we have a problem with is how it's paid for."

However, others are just doubtful any reform will work.

"I do not have any idea how it can be fixed and all for everybody's benefit," said Billie Phelps.

Unlike Krohn, Phelps didn't watch the address.

"The more that it is talked about the more confused that I get," said Phelps.

Others didn't watch because they said the President wouldn't have changed their minds.

"I have four kids...and health care is very important to me, however, we can't afford it on the salaries that we make," said Wendy Sexton. "I don't think Obama can understand what middle class is like because he's not middle class."

"There's no easy fix, but his plan is way out of touch with reality for middle class America," said Cary Hight.

Regardless of your stance on the issue, there's one thing everyone seems to agree on.

"How you take care of yourself is something that is very personal to you and if you see something that threatens that, that certainly is going to scare you," said Krohn.

A poll taken after the speech said two thirds of Americans support the President's proposals, that's up from 53% just days ago.

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