Monument now stands in firefighters’ memory

The monument has the two firefighters' names inscribed into the stone.
The monument has the two firefighters' names inscribed into the stone.

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
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KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - It's a monument that bears the names of two of Kilgore's most dedicated fire fighters.

"Kyle and Cory loved so much helping other people," said Fire Chief Dennis Gage, to the group gathered. "They loved their job and this community."

For the families of Kyle Perkins and Cory Galloway it all symbolized gratitude.

"My son is never going to be forgotten and so many awesome things have come out of this that I have been made privileged to," said Regina Galloway, Cory's mother. "I mean, people will come up to me and say, 'My son did this in honor of Cory. My daughter did this because of Cory.'"

"To see all of his friends and his supporters and these new cadets continuing the legacy, he'd love it, that legacy of servitude," said Linda Perkins, Kyle's wife. "That's what he was about."

Both Kyle and Cory graduated from the Kilgore College Fire Academy.

"They were special to us, too," said Mike Earley, Dean of Public Services. "They were our students. They spent 12 weeks with us and you get to know a kid pretty well in 12 weeks. Who could refuse Kyle and that smile for class number 54 and Cory for number 61? Cory was just a big kid."

A big kid with a big heart who loved his fellow fire fighters.

"My son always said we're all brothers," said Cory's mother. "God took him before I was ready but it's God's plan not mine. He knew, he knew that I loved him unconditionally and that helps my soul."

Now, the two people who meant so much will live on.

"As long as that monument is there, as long as there's one person that remembers, they will never be forgotten," said Mike Earley.

Friday, Governor Rick Perry will award Kyle Perkins and Cory Galloway the Star of Texas award in Austin.

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