A familiar face in a familiar place

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

KILGORE, TEXAS (KLTV) - He is a familiar face, in a familiar place.

Chase Fisher is no stranger to playing football in Kilgore

"there are times when I go out there and I have good memories of games in the past."

As a junior in high school, Fisher led Kilgore High to a state title, and joined Kilgore College after his senior year, but never played in a game.

"I ended up getting in trouble off the field," said Fisher, "I was hanging out with the wrong people, it has been like three years since my last snap, and I finally got my life back in order, and am doing the right things, and this is a good way to do it, and a good thing for me."

More than three years after he took a competitive snap, Fisher found his way back, and is now, once again, a starting quarterback in Kilgore.

"If it was going to be anywhere, it was going to be here."

Of course, not playing in three years carries a toll on the body, and Fisher was carrying a lot more than he used to.

"When he came back, back in January, he was about 220 pounds," said KC head coach J.J. Eckert, "and now he is down to about 190 pounds, so he has definitely lost a lot of weight along the way."

"He was kind of big, kind of flabby," joked defensive back Joseph Shumpert, "and I did not think that he would make it through the spring practices, but then he slimmed up and toned up, and I though that he would be pretty good."

"At times I wanted to quit," said Fisher, "but I did not want it to end that way."

Fisher says a lot of people still know him as the quarterback of the team who won it all, only know, his sights are set on winning it all again, in the same town, only, for a different team.

Fisher's first game back, was a success, throwing for 179 yards, albeit, in a KC 21-17 loss to #15 Fort Scott.

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