Tylerites Witness Shuttle's Explosion

"We were just paralyzed with fear," says Lisha Kent of Tyler. What she saw..."Was a bright ball with a slight fire trail." It not only rattled her truck but her families emotions. "My husband was kinda' pulling his hand on the truck and we were scarred to death that something was going to hit earth."

"Two minutes later we heard a big boom," Seven year old Jacob Burrell could see the explosion form the inside of his mom's car. "It was like a red ball and there was smoke coming behind it twisting and it was pointing downward to the ground," He tells. "I told my mom that I saw a piece of history."

"You're kinda elated your child got to see this, but then again it's a bad thing, " says Jacob's mom,

A sad thing that Barbara Hines has now experienced for the second time in her life. Nearly 17 years to the day, she was an eye-witness to challenger's the explosion in Cape Canaveral, Florida. "To witness something like this--it stays with you."

Thankful to have not seen today's blast, Barbara felt. "My bedroom doors were closed and my daughter's bedroom doors were closed and they just blew open." It was enough of an impact for Philip Burrell that sparked many thoughts, "The first thing that went through my mind--we were being bombed."

Jennifer Brice, reporting.