Wet dry debate not tapped out just yet

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The wet-dry debate isn't tapped out just yet.

A civil case held Wednesday found disputed votes cast in the May 9th election for the sale of alcohol in Winona city limits were void.

The original vote failed in a 94-94 tie, but a closer look revealed seven of the votes were cast illegally. Arguments Wednesday centered on the votes from residents outside the Winona city limits.

Because electronic voting was used in the May election, there was no way to determine what side the seven votes were cast upon. Attorneys called the seven voters living outside Winona to the witness stand. When questioned on how they voted four of the seven invoked their fifth amendment rights, refusing to say what they put on their ballot.

District Judge John McCraw Jr. found there was not enough evidence to infer which way the unknown votes were cast. The judge declared all illegal votes void and announced a re-vote for Proposition One will be held in the next available election.

The date for the re-vote on the alcohol sales in the Winona city limits is November 3rd. Residents of Winona will have the alcohol sale vote included on their ballot for the upcoming election.

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