Americans stunned at loss of Columbia

Undated-AP -- Just 16 minutes from home. Not again.

Those are some of the reactions from Americans who woke to images of the space shuttle "Columbia" disintegrating as it returned to Earth, killing the seven astronauts aboard.

It's another reminder of vulnerability after the terror attacks.

The explosion makes New Yorker Frank Furio worry more about war. He says it's a reminder of death, and that's not something the government is talking about.

Nancy Mitchell of Confluence, Pennsylvania says, "with all that is happening these days, it's a very bad feeling."

Audrey Schuckhaus of New Jersey says, "They were almost home, so close to being safe."

For Mohamed El Filali of New Jersey, it's a reminder of the Challenger disaster 17 years ago. He says, "Every moment you're in the air, there's danger."

And Charlie Dillon of Colorado says the astronauts are frontiersmen, "creating endless possibilities."

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