Tyler's John Cobb is the "Wheel Deal"

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - When bike riders what the best, they come to one man.

"It is a line, people coming to spend a day or two in Tyler," said bike guru John Cobb, "while I set them on their bikes and get them ready to go."

Tucked away in a small store in Tyler, John Cobb's resume of riders who have come to him for help, range from world champions, to beginners.

"I would call Lance [Armstrong] and tell him, 'come up and be a model' so he has been coming to the wind tunnel with me since the early 90's," said Cobb, "we worked together and got him peddaling a little different, and he has gone pretty fast since then."

"It was intimidating the first time that I had met him," said Jeff Waskowiak, who trains with Cobb, "but I developed a reverence for it, and a respect, and it is kind of honoring to be able to ride with someone like that, and generally converse with him and see him around town it is an honor, really."

And while he may be the foremost authority on bike riding, Cobb has other interests, including training athletes for triathlons, a competition he has done, more than 100 times...even though his winning days might be behind him

"Winning is that I entered, and that I got in the water to start, and if I finish and have enough energy to go to the food booth afterwards, then I had a perfect day," joked Cobb.

And if all else fails, he can always go back to training world champions...

"Everyone I train, they just go off and win, so I guess I have done a good job."

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