Labor Day picnic free for all

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Despite the recession, there are still ministries dedicated to meeting the needs of people. More than 100 east Texans were treated to a Labor Day picnic Monday, all thanks to the generosity of an dast Texas church.

For Bethel Temple church, praise songs set the Labor Day atmosphere for their free community picnic.

"Welcome to the Jungle is the theme of our picnic," said Bethel Temple Pastor, Robert Evans. "We want to meet people's needs in whatever way that we can because that's what Jesus did."

Meeting people's needs is just what the east Texas church did Monday. They piled on lots of Labor Day food on the plates of an east Texas community.

"That helps a lot, I mean free food!" said Veronica Bolden, of Longview. "You got a lot of people coming and I think it's really good. I think it's very thoughtful and blessings go out to those who put this picnic on."

"It's just the thought of doing something for someone else and expecting nothing in return," said David Swinney, of Hallsville.

For Tonya Hannah and her six kids having a free Labor Day picnic is priceless.

"It's really helping us and I'm glad to be here and my kids are too," said Tonya Hannah.

From face painting to kids arts and craft, Bethel's picnic had fun for everyone, but they couldn't have done it without countless volunteers.

"Actually I'm here because of KLTV," said Jack Strong. "I saw on the ten o'clock news last night that my long time friend Robert Evans was sponsoring the picnic. When I saw the story and he said he needed some help, I said I'm going to be here."

It's that unselfish help that's making this Labor Day picnic a "labor of love" blessing.

"I trust that when they leave this place, it is out desire here at Bethel Temple that it be a place where God is seen, love is felt, and lives are changed," said Bishop Evans.

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