Authorities Investigate Bomb Threats

Bomb threats made against Robert E. Lee High School and the Smith County Sheriff's Department are under investigation.

An anonymous caller threatened both buildings Friday morning at 7 a.m. Dispatch records show the call came from a pay phone outside a Fina convenient store in Troup. Authorities searched both buildings and found no devices inside. They have few leads right now, but customers inside the convenient store did catch a glimpse of a person standing near the pay phone around the time the call was made.

"We feel like our descriptions are so vague and could encompass so many people,"said Assistant Fire Marshal Oren Hale. "We're waiting to try and narrow that down."

So far, the suspect is described as a black man, wearing blue jeans, a blue or black sweatshirt and driving a white, older model Cadillac. Authorities dusted the phone for fingerprints and are still investigating.