"KinderKonzert" Brings Joy of Classical Music to New Generation

Hundreds of children went to their first concert today. It wasn't the latest teenage sensation on stage, but a crescendo of timeless music.

The East Texas Symphony Orchestra presented their annual "KinderKonzert" to students at the Caldwell Auditorium in Tyler. The students enjoyed the theme from "Star Wars" as well as works written more than 100 years ago. The aim is to enrich the students' horizons, and teach them music is timeless.

Conductor Per Brevig: "That's what's so great about these concerts -- the enthusiasm of the children. That's what warms your heart and that's what keeps us going -- the orchestra, myself, and everyone."

Another "KinderKonzert" is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. Saturday at the Caldwell Auditorium. Tickets are $3, and are available at the door.

Author Lloyd Moss will also present his book set to music as well. The book is called "Zin, Zin, Zin, The Violin". After the performance, kids will get a chance to meet the orchestra and see the instruments close-up.