Recession proof Labor Day

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GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - It's Labor Day weekend grill time at Bethel Temple in Longview but church members aren't just making food for themselves.

"It started out just as our church picnic," said Tracy Ford of Bethel Temple in Longview. "Our Pastor, Bishop Robert L Evans, had a vision to reach out into the community,"

Bethel Temple is getting ready to feed their neighboring community for a free Labor Day picnic. For church members, it's a "labor of love".

"There are a lot of families in need," said Ford. "Families that don't know where their next meal is coming from. We're here to help as many as we can."

From community picnics to East Texas lakes, East Texans are opting for less expensive ways to spend their Labor day.

"We're planning on staying at home, getting our house finished up and ready to move in,"said Eduardo & Lauren Aguilar, of Kilgore.

"We're just going to stay at home. My husband loves to cook so we're going to stay at home and be with family and friends," said Pam Mitchell.

"My kids are home from school and we're cleaning house. If they do a good  job, we'll go to Grandma and Papa's house," said Melissa Davis.

It's not hard to answer why more people are staying home for Labor Day.

"People don't have the extra money they used to, to go and do everything," said Davis.

"You can have a picnic in the back yard. That could be a lot of fun, just have hamburgers and hotdogs and homemade ice cream," said Beverlie Lee, of Longview.

Good, inexpensive "recession proof" holiday advice that brings families close together.

"We've all started appreciating family more since the recession. We've gotten back to our roots and that's what matters most," said Davis.

Bethel Temple Church of Longview says they're planning on feeding nearly 200 East Texans this Labor Day.  They say they need all the help they can get, if anyone wants to make donations of food or volunteer and help.

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