Make-A-Wish Recipient Returns From Super Bowl

If you had a choice, would you have dinner with Robin Williams, become a police detective, or go to the Super Bowl?

If you're David Hollowell of Winnsboro, you'd take the latter. The Make-A-Wish foundation offered David one wish after learning about his battle with cancer. It didn't take long for David to decide which one. Although he did consider all three.

David and his family headed off to the Super Bowl last Thursday.

"Having your dream come true is basically, all this is," he said.

Make-A-Wish threw in a few extra perks along the way, including a visit from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and a chance meeting with NFL players, like Super Bowl veteran Shannon Sharp.

"This is just like meeting your favorite, like meeting someone you've always wanted to meet," says David.

Make-A-Wish, Tyler Oilmen's Benefit Association, Delta Airlines and Donruss Playoff sponsored the trip. They supplied the sports fan with signed memorabilia, Super Bowl souvenirs, comfortable hotel accommodations and seats behind the goal post.

"I said how's David taking all this," recalls Linda Holloway, David's mother. "My husband said, 'Oh he's just beside himself.'"

"He really didn't care who won," recalls Kevin Holloway. "He was going for Tampa Bay because somebody told him they were rooting for Oakland, so he decided to root for Tampa."

It looks like having David there paid of for Tampa Bay. The team won. But perhaps the greatest winner is a sports fan from Winnsboro, who now has roomful of souvenirs and a scrapbook of memories to last forever.