Longview Prostitution Sting Arrests

A Longview sting arrests more than 30 men,  men who now have to explain to their employers and families what happened, as they are charged with soliciting prostitution.

31 men were arrested in Longview's prostitution sting, men who now face embarrassment with their families and career consequences. A 72 year old man arrested was in ill health having to be on oxygen treatment. A young Gilmer man was in double trouble.  Police say that both his wife and his girlfriend showed up to bail him out of jail.

Among those arrested, 43 year old James Williams of Marshall who's a teacher employed at Texas State Technical College. Perhaps most shocking was the arrest of 47 year old Antonio Guerra, who, for the past 12 years the pastor of a Spanish language church in Pittsburgh. All of the men arrested in the sting are free after posting 500 dollars bond each.