East Texas Grandma Pulls a Gun on Burglary Suspects

Two suspects described as white males didn't know what they were getting into when they targeted one tough East Texas grandma.

"Well, I was laying on the couch watching Dr. Phil and they come up to the door," says Verma.

And that was the end of Verma's peaceful Tuesday afternoon. The 82-year-old great grandmother made her way to the door to find a young white man she didn't know and another waiting her drive way.

"He began to want to look at the roof on the trailer and I told him I don't need no work done today," says the grandmother.

Verma didn't invite them in, but she says the men insisted on checking her roof inside and out.

"Then I opened the door and then they kind of pushed me in," says Verma.

That didn't scare Verma then, but she was suspicious of the two so-called roofers. Especially, when one of the roofers called her to the back bedroom.

"When I started down the hall is when it hit me what they was up to. That's when I turned and come back," says Verma.

She found the burglar sort of crouched down between her gun and her chair looking through her purse.

What happened next might surprise you, but not Verma.

"I mean I dubbed up my fist and hit him right between the shoulders just as hard as I could. It like to have scared him to death when he looked up and seen that shotgun," says Verma. "I followed him out on the porch with my gun."

Verma soon had the other man looking down the barrel of her gun and running out the door. Now, she doesn't want any other senior to walk in her shoes.

"They better keep the door fastened. Don't open it. That's what I say to do because it broke me. I won't let nobody else in.

Verma did get a good look at the suspects vehicle. It's described as either a red Chevrolet or Dodge truck.

Smith County Sheriff's investigators are investigating the three reported roof scams as being related.

Dana Dixon, reporting