Students Create Art You Can Drive

Some Palestine High School students are trying out a new canvas.

"Normally, we are just working on a flat canvas," says Ashley Rogerson, Palestine art student. "Normally, we're just painting or drawing, but this is like 3-dimentional."

Turning a car into art, now that's unchartered territory even for these creative teens and their teacher.

"They don't get to do anything like this very often," says Becky Rutledge, Art Teacher.

"I'm just putting tape on the car," says Roberto Beltran, Palestine student.

A car, Fernando Varela, the local Ford dealer donated to Mrs. Rutledge's class. From there, the art car took on a life of it's own, as art often does.

"They thought it might be a good idea for a commercial since Ford does a commercial every year about the community involvement in the schools," says Becky Rutledge, Palestine H.S. Art teacher.

So two days ago the taping, gluing and drilling began.

"It's interesting because you have to make the materials look the way you want them to rather than just coloring you have to shape it and fill in the holes," says Breanna Lewis, a Palestine student.

And instead of paint it, the artists covered the car in lycra glitter fabric to make a night's sky.

"There's constellations all over it," says Ashley Rogerson.

Inside the car the galactic theme continues, aluminum tape replaces the upholstery.

"Everybody in the school is talking about it," says Marie Alice Petiton, a student.  "Even if they are not working on it."

To give you some perspective of how out of this world the art car is. A large moon made out of pipe and insulation is going to be transported to the top of the car to make a complete solar system.

"I mean the moon, I thought it looked like a big ball of cheese at first," says Breanna. "Now it looks like the moon."

"It's going to turn heads I know that," says Louis Rodas. "Usually you don't see a moon car rolling down the streets."

So when the commercial films this week, the Palestine art department will give a whole new meaning to riding in style.