A Man With Parkinson's Disease Helps Inspire Others To Not Stop Living

Don and Billie Withers' home is overflowing with memories. Rooms full of paintings and carvings hand crafted by Don. Amazingly Don's lived two decades with Parkinson's.

Despite the tremors he cuts, carves and sands, wood into art.

"I enjoy seeing something that is of my own making," Don says.

He paints tranquil, nature scenes, with his left or right hand, which ever one is shaking less that day.

"If you look at any of my paintings and you think they are good I'm happy," he says.

I asked him when he finally discovered painting and his quick wit came through with his clever reply. "I haven't discovered it yet?"

Painting exercises his body and mind despite the Parkinson's. "If you don't use it you lose it." A message he brings to the Parkinson's support groups he started in East Texas.

"Too many of them are happy with just everyday living, I want to use my time to make something that I can be proud of," he says. When I asked if he's been an example to people with Parkinson's he told me other people tell him that. By his example, others are learning this disease doesn't have to stop you, but can lead you to new beginnings.

"You can't beat it but you can learnt to live with it and make the most out of it."