Community Spotlight – East Texas Food Bank

Have you ever been hungry - truly hungry with no way to satisfy your appetite?  Did you know that in East Texas one in four children is at risk of hunger and one in five adults is at risk.   One in seven seniors is malnourished.  Statistics like these should alarm you.  But the East Texas Food Bank is committed to fighting hunger right here at home and that is why the food bank has been selected as KLTV's Community Spotlight for September.  The East Texas Food Bank knows that hunger is a solvable issue and your gifts of food, money and time will make the difference in homes across East Texas.  The food bank serves residents in 26 counties in East Texas and they need your help.  September is Hunger Action Month with events planned to help all of us understand what it means to go hungry and open doors for people to give to others.  Be sure to watch KLTV 7 through the month for other ways to make a difference.  The East Texas Food Bank, helping feed hungry East Texans and KLTV's Community Spotlight for September, making this a Better East Texas.