It's all in the briefs

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Recent reports from retailers and analysts suggest that men's underwear sales could be a sign that the economy is recovering. Do men know about this?

"Well, I couldn't imagine that men's underwear sales would have a direct correlation on the economy in any way," said Mark Compton. "I needed it so I bought it."

Here's the brief. Sales of men's underwear typically slows in a struggling economy. During times of severe financial strain, men will try to stretch the time between buying new pairs...Ewww!

"It's good if you wear them, but most of the time it's good not to have them so whatever's good for anybody is good for me," said Robert Jones Jr. "Most of the time I don't."

Department stores are reporting slight increases in men's undy sales over the past two months. So, what about the scope of the recovery? Are men buying underwear in bulk or really big underwear?

Wives see it a little differently.

"Most men I know, including my husband, they'll just wear their underwear until there's holes so big that the wife has to say you're buying underwear," said Alysha Coddington

"Always have them on when your going to church, but other than that, you know... freedom!" said Jones.

Which makes you wonder: In hard times, what shape are our underwear in?

"It's obviously a statement in some direction, I'm just not sure it's a statement our economy's increasing or getting better," said Compton.

"[Men] won't spend money on things like underwear so they have enough money to buy that cool little gadget they have five of off of Ebay because it's a good sale," laughed Coddington.

No word on "whether" ladies underwear sales have any economic impact...yet.

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