Carlisle Band making history at halftime

By Reid Kerr - email

PRICE (KLTV) -- They spend all week preparing for Friday night, getting ready to prove themselves and to defend their title on the field.

However, this championship team plays at halftime.

"It's amazing," trombonist and Band President DeWae Polk said. "This is our time to shine. The football game isn't about the game any more, the football game is about us for that time we're on the field."

The Carlisle Indian Band are champions, a three-time Texas Honor Band, which is an award a school can only win every four years. Carlisle won it in 2001, 2005, and again this year in 2009. No other Texas band has ever done that before.

"Just because we're a small school doesn't mean we can't do something big," Carlisle Drum Major Perla Sanchez said. "We want to do something big for the commuinity and put Carlisle on the map."

From seventh grade through senior year, the school has around 250 students. The Carlisle Indian band numbers about a hundred, drawn in to be a part of the championship tradition.

"The older kids always help the little ones," longtime Band Director Scott Rhame said of his program. "It's like they're a little brother or sister. We're a family."

"We push ourselves," Sanchez said. "From seventh grade up to senior, we push them to be the best that they can be."

For the 1A school, the band is a tradition, a guaranteed Friday night highlight.

"With the Carlisle band and its history of excellence, people know to come out expecting greatness," Polk said. "We want to get better every time we set the field."

"It means everything to me," Sanchez said. "I love this band. I take pride in what I do."

Carlisle doesn't want to be thought of as the "best little band in Texas."

They want to be the best.

Reid Kerr, KLTV 7 Sports.