Burglary suspect caught with his pants down

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Smith County Sheriff's Department says Monday afternoon three his Hispanic males were burglarizing one of the Campbell's homes on County Road 496. Several members of the family caught one of those suspects, 19-year-old Javier Huerta Jr. And, they held him at gunpoint with his pants down, until sheriff's deputies arrived.

The Campbell family owns two homes next store to each other. Monday afternoon, burglars targeted one home, hauling out a flat screen TV. What they didn't know was that relatives of pro football hall of famer, Earl Campbell, were right in the backyard watching them.

The Campbell's declined to go on camera but their neighbor did not, saying the home had been burglarized several times before, and the Campbell's have even asked them to keep an eye out.

"I'm sure they had no idea who they were burglarizing, but all of our deputies are snickering today because of the stupidity of these burglars," said Smith County Sheriff, J.B. Smith.

Here's what happened: Ronnie Campbell told sheriff's officials, he grabbed a rifle, firing a shot toward the alleged burglars.

"If you're going to burglarize somebody in this county, you certainly don't want to deal with the Campbell family," said Smith. "Especially with all the physical agility that these people have."

Two of the suspects burned rubber in their SUV, getting away. But, the other, Javier Huerta Jr., was literally caught with his pants down. The Campbell's held him like that so he couldn't get away.

"Catching this guy with his pants down around his ankles, he's lucky it was just his pants," said Smith. "It's humorous on the surface, but it's also a very serious matter."

Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith is proud of the Campbells' bold action and says an investigation is underway to try and get those other two burglars off the streets. Huerta is being held in the Smith County Jail, charged with burglary of a habitation. It is not his first burglary offense. He was on probation for another burglary back in April.

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