Gruesome Tobacco Warning Images Scare Smokers ?

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By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email

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The warnings are already there, but some new, graphic visual aides are on the way to help you kick your smoking habit.

It's not most attractive tobacco packaging, but new gruesome cigarette warnings are signs of the times.

Within the next three years, the FDA will regulate the marketing of tobacco products to try and deter smoking.

"Adding these warning labels takes away the marketing appeal," said Lorri Essary, East Texas Council On Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

Essary is a Certified Prevention Specialist at etcada. She says the graphic images should be effective, when it comes to detering smokers and prospect smokers.

"This is going to take away that punch of Tobacco companies marketing those products. For younger smokers it's shocking and very visual. You would have to think twice."

"I think everybody in this world tries to quit smoking, but I don't think if you put a dead body on there the people couldn't stop, because they can't get off of it," said Glenda Patti.

Patti is a longtime smoker. "I don't buy cigarettes for the packaging. I buy it because I'm addicted to it!  It's the nicotine, said Patti.

"Seeing an image, I don't think is going to stop anybody. I mean it may stop a few people, maybe the young teenagers, but if they want to smoke and everyone else is doing it, a picture is not going to stop them," said smoker, Amanda Rodgers, of Longview.

Canada has already been printing tobacco warning images on tobacco products. They say since the regulation went into effect in 2000, they have seen a 5 percent decrease in tobacco use.

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