Golfers raise money through "Birdies For Selah"

By Reid Kerr - email



Sixteen, thirty-two, etcetera. At Hollytree Country Club today, over seven hundred holes of golf were played, all for a good cause.

"We went to Zambia in June of this year," organizer Chris Phillips said. "We were there for a week, we were counselors at a camp for orphan children. We learned about some of their individual stories as the week went on, and there was this girl named Selah whose story was so heartbreaking, it inspired us to come back and raise the money to have a home built for some of these kids."

So "Birdies For Selah" was born. Chris and seven of his friends were playing five rounds each, with every hole under par another step in changing someone's life.

"We think we'll probably make in the ballpark of 150 birdies today, so we went out and said to people, 'will you give us one dollar for every birdie we make? Will you give us five dollars?' We've had ten dollar pledges and fifty cent pledges, and everything in between."

With the charity money on the table, all that was left was for these friends to get out on the course and make their shots.

"it's been kind of fun, because everybody's got the phones out. We've been texting back and forth to see how everybody's doing. We meet in between holes, post the scores so we know where we stand. We've made a little competition out of it."

Today, the course was full of good friends hopefully making their shots to make a difference a world away.