Wartime Nerves

Phone rings...."There's that phone," says Taryn Coffee. "I already know it's her duty to go if she gets called," says her husband Craig. "But, I want her to stay home too"

Craig Coffee understands his wife Taryn's duty because he's been there before, twelve years ago in the Persian Gulf. Now, he's on the other side--with mixed emotions..."Anger, because I wouldn't be gone, my wife would be."

An Army Reservist of 8 years, Taryn always knew a deployment could be possible. But as a mom and a wife...things are different, "If I'm called then I will obey that and do it to the best of my ability, it's my job."

"I don't know if I can wrap up into a small explanation to my 4 year old, 'Mommy's gone to fight for your right to make your decisions,' explains Craig.

From 4 1/2 year old daughter Sloan to 3 month old son Caden--there's plenty for Craig to learn as time passes. "What time Sloan goes to school, watching Cadens feeding schedule," says Taryn. "Basic but simple things. Important things."

Taryn tell us, ironically--she's in the last few months of her 8 year commitment to the Army.

Jennifer Brice, reporting.